Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Author: Usha Anokar

In loving memory of the author Mrs. Usha Anokar (1952 - 2022), who dedicated over two decades of her life to the compassionate use of Bach Flower remedies for the betterment of countless patients. Her profound knowledge and expertise in Bach Flower remedies were the result of years of dedicated study and practice. Furthermore, she was a revered and experienced Reiki Master, providing solace and healing to many throughout her lifetime. Her contributions to the realm of holistic health and wellness will be forever cherished and remembered.

Bach Flower Remedies – Agrimony (एग्रीमोनी बाख फ्लावर रेमेडीज)

एग्रीमोनी (Agrimony – Bach Flower Remedy) – मानसिक शांति के लिए टॉनिक एग्रीमोनी बाख फ्लॉवर रेमेडी (Bach Flower Remedies) एक ऐसा टॉनिक है जो मन की शांति को बढ़ावा देता…