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Bach Flower Remedy Agrimony - Tonic for mental calmness.


Bach Flower Remedy Agrimony is like a tonic that promotes peace of mind.

Some people keep their sorrow and pain hidden in their minds, do not share it with anyone. Those people always try not to let the shadow of their sorrow fall on anyone by speaking their sorrows and pains. But when those people are alone, the feeling of their sorrow comes out, sadness ensues, they want to sit alone, sometimes they cry alone. Thus by keeping the feelings hidden in the mind, by falsely pretending to be good, mental health deteriorates and as a result physical health also deteriorates.

Agrimony (Bach Flower Remedies) helps in improving the nature of such type of person. Works to reduce mental suppression. Inspires you to share your grief with others. Helps to remove depression.

Some people live in society as if wearing a mask, hiding the turmoil, sorrow and stress going on in their mind behind that mask. They have two or three reasons behind hiding their sorrow, they don’t want to trouble anyone and/or they don’t want to hinder the happiness of others. Generally, these people are lovers of peace.

There are many people around us who show happiness on their faces in front of others but in reality, they are deep sorrow and pain. Such persons can benefit a lot from this Bach Flower Remedy Agrimony. 

Along with Agrimony, if they take some other Bach Flower Remedies according to their other mental symptoms and follow a balanced diet and suitable yoga postures, then their mental strength and physical strength can improve and those people can live their life happily.

Other important information regarding this Bach Flower Remedy:

1) The remedy should be selected only on the basis of the mental symptoms of the patient. 

2) As the mental state changes, so do the medications.

3) You can also give a mixture of 4-5 medicines at a time.

4) These medicines are 100% safe and do not cause any adverse effects on the body.

5) This medicine can be taken thrice a day by adding 2-3 drops in a ½ cup of water.  

6) It should be used in naturopathy but in case of serious illness, it should not be misused without consulting your doctor in time, because every medicinal system has its limits.

7) These medicines are available from all homeopathic medicine shops in India.

In short, Bach flowers are an invaluable treasure to keep the mind happy, energetic and aspirational. We will forever be indebted to Dr Edward Bach for his research on flower remedies. So let’s use it according to our needs and try to live our life to the fullest.

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