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What is Homeopathy ? Things you Must Know.

The word Homeopathy or Homoeopathy derived  from the Greek word ‘homeois’ meaning similar or like, and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering and putting the two together means ‘similar suffering.’ 

Homoeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Christian Frederic Hahnemann (1755-1843) and he established the fundamental principles of the science and art of Homoeopathy 

Hahnemann studied medicine at Leipzig and Vienna and completed his degree of M.D. at Erlangen in 1779. After practicing in various places, he settled in Dresden in 1784 and then moved to Leipzig in 1789.
The methods of treatment those days were very cruel and Dr Hahnemann was not happy   After experimenting for several years Hahnemann found out that the substances that cause diseases could also cure a disease having similar symptoms if taken in very small doses (Like Cure Like i.e similia similibus curentur.)

How Homeopathy Medicines Works

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from various natural substances (mineral, plant, traces of animal, etc.), by a standard method called dynamization or potentisation, which comprises of successive dilutions and succussions to raise the inherent curative power of the drugs to the maximum. The medicines thus prepared through ‘potentisation’, attain their potential enhanced enormously to combat ailments while at the same time the absence of toxicity is assured. The medicines are usually proved in healthy human beings, to ascertain their curative properties. 

The system believes in the existence of a self- regulating force in the organism, which plays a vital role during health, disease, and cure. The symptoms are considered as the body’s natural reaction to the illness and help to find a remedy against the illness. The remedies work by stimulating the body’s defense mechanism to correct itself naturally. This therapy adopts an individualistic and holistic approach towards the sick individual.

Homoeopathy has been useful in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, autoimmune diseases, geriatric and pediatric disorders, ailments during pregnancy, obstinate skin diseases, lifestyle disorders, and allergies, etc. It also has a positive role in improving the quality of life in incurable chronic diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, terminally ill patients and incapacitating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

There are currently over 3000+ medicines recorded in the homeopathic materia medica. This list is constantly being added to as new medicines are ‘proved’ for their therapeutic potential on groups of healthy humans and their symptoms verified through clinical use.

It is more than a century and a half now that Homoeopathy is being practiced in India. It has blended so well into the roots and traditions of the country that it has been recognized as one of the National System of Medicine and plays a very important role in providing health care to a large number of people. Its strength lies in its evident effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through the promotion of inner balance at mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

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