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Ringworms Homeopathic treatment

Ringworm Homeopathic Treatment

Ringworm is a type of common fungal infection that appears on different parts of the body. It forms red scaly and itchy patches on the skin, which may blister or ooze fluid, and may round in shape. Ringworm is a contagious disease. Ringworm can pass from an infected person to a healthy person through contact with contaminated personal care products like clothing or linens. Domestic animals (Pets) can also pass on the infection.

  Depending on the location of the infection, the most common types of ringworm infection are as follows-

  • The ringworm infection which occurs on bearded areas of the face and neck is called Tinea Barbae.
  • The ringworm infection which occurs on the scalp is called Tinea Capitus.
  • The ringworm infection which occurs in the groin area is called Tinea Cruris. It is also known as Jock Itch
  • The ringworm infection which occurs between the toes is called Tinea Pedis. It is also known as Athlete’s Foot.

Ringworm Homeopathic Treatment

Ringworm infection can be treated by Homeopathic treatment successfully. All homeopathy medicines prepared in a completely natural way, so they have no side effects. We can safely use homeopathy for ringworm infection. The homeopathy medicines effectively provide relief from the acute symptoms of itching and burning of Ringworm patches and also removes the disease in total. We can get these results through carefully selected homeopathic remedies. These medicines will treat ringworm infection gently and efficiently.

Some of the homeopathic remedies which are efficient  for treating Ringworm infection are as follows;

Tellurium, Sepia, Sulphur, Psorinum & Arsenicum Album

Tellurium: This homeopathy medicine is extremely useful in ringworm affecting hair roots, face, and body. The patches are marked with minute itching vesicles from which exudes a watery excoriating fluid that smells like fish brine. The rings intersect each other.

Sepia: This homeopathy medicine is very useful in Ringworm infection especially when they are isolated and cover a small area. The itching was not relieved by scratching. The recurrence of Ringworm infection in every spring season is the peculiar symptom of Sepia.

Sulphur: It is a deep acting homeopathic medicine and frequently indicated in various skin diseases. It is useful for ringworm when there are intense itching and burning. Itching and burning increase after scratching and bathing.

Psorinum: This homeopathy medicine is especially used when the ringworm infection was on the scalp and bends of joints with itching; worse, from the warmth of bed.

Arsenicum Album: This homeopathy medicine is well indicated for ringworm of Scalp, bald spots on the scalp with Itching and burning sensation. The patient is generally restless and full of anxiety. He desires for cold water and drinks a small quantity of water at a time (Unquenchable thirst).

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